Business Plan Assistance {8 Facts You Should Know}

You are a skilled expert in your industry, but might not be an expert in business plan assistance, In the business planning industry, we call them business plan consultants.

This article is meant for skilled entrepreneurs in various industries such as healthcare, real estate, education, food industry, hospitality, etc., it’s also helpful for skilled entrepreneurs in the business industry wishing to start their own businesses and has never written a business plan before, this article will explain what to expect in your business plan assistance, what you need to know in advances such as the costs and how your business plan should be structured.

Business Plan Assistance

I have been in the business plan assistance industry for more than 10 years, I have provided business plan assistance to entrepreneurs across the globe even earning top-rated status in various freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, and Fiverr. 

During my career, I have done many business plan assistance revisions done by other consultants, after they have failed my clients in getting funding or working their way in their start-ups or business growth.

I have come to know there are freelancers and consultants who claim to be experts in business planning and deliver subpar business plans that will not only fail you but cause you to invest your hard-earned capital in the wrong ways due to subpar market research and not knowing what a business plan should contain.

Playing with your business plan is like playing with your dreams and future, that’s why I decided to start this blog and help aspiring entrepreneurs like you who I might not help in a one-to-one business plan assistance to various reasons, without much ado, let’s get to the exciting stuff you need to know if you are looking for business plan assistance.

Before looking for business plan assistance please note:

A business plan is meant for you and not your business plan assistance you need to understand your business plan, since you are the one who will present it to investors, or implement it to your business growth, the work of a business plan assistance is to help you structure a business plan in a professional manner for presentation, and guide you on where you might make mistakes.

The first thing you need to do before working with a business plan assistance is to know what entails in a business plan is to write a brief summary of the following sections according to how you understand them.

The brief summary can be in draft form, or even in drawings, or any way you are comfortable in explaining your business idea to your business plan assistant, I have met clients who have even called me to explain their business idea to me – which I think is a good idea, to help them explain in details.

Business Plan Assistance

I have always had in the business structure below, and questions under each category, so that I can understand the business of my client – business plans might be in the same industry but what makes each start-up unique it is a competitive advantage and also how it’s different from existing businesses, you see some of my clients can have a competitive advantage of having already existing partners or a shortcut of doing their businesses.

How to write a business plan step by step

If your business plan assistant has the experience, he will take your draft, and make it professional for you, some business plan writers including myself help entrepreneurs tap on the opportunities they might have missed on their business plan assistance and ideation, and suggest it to them during our business planning, what a business plan writer should do is to expand on your ideation, add his business plan assistance skills and craft you a winning business plan.

Business plan structure you need to know

Executive Summary: 

When working with a business plan assistant, the first thing you need to know is a business plan executive summary is an important part of your business, this section is 100% suggested by your business plan writer, there is no need for drafting an executive summary of you will seek business planning assistance. 

Yes, you need a well-written executive summary. An executive summary is an introduction to your paper that highlights the main points that you want to bring out in the paper. An executive summary is a brief introduction to the topic of your paper. An executive summary is different from a conclusion, a paper summary.

Business Introduction & Description

This is the most important part of business plan assistance; this is where you explain your business idea and its history. You need to explain the reason why you want to start the business, the history of the business, the people involved in the business, how long the business has been running, and any goals you want to accomplish.

If you are looking to start a new business and seeking business plan assistance this is the place to explain why you want to do so, and how you want the business to help the community. If you are trying to grow your business, this is the place to explain how you will do so. If you have a competitive advantage, you should explain this in detail to your business plan writer during your business plan assistance consultations. 

business plan assistant

This is a good time to also explain your products and services in detail to your business plan assistant, there is a high chance you understand your business products and services more than your business plan writer since you are an expert in the field. Your business plan writer will make some modifications to the business plan depending on your needs and requirements.

The business plan writer will also ask you regarding your products and services business target audience, the marketing strategy, the sales strategy, in order to understand in detail your products and services.

Market Analysis

When working with a business plan assistant, you don’t need to explain in detail the market analysis of your business, you only need to explain your business locations, what you are selling undefines its business. I am sure that with this information, a business plan writer will be able to help you to create a powerful market analysis plan for your business. If you don’t have a business plan, I highly recommend you let your business plan assistant write a market analysis for you.

It is very important to have a proper market analysis as this supports the financial analysis of your business plan which is 100% delegated to your business plan writer. A positive and professionally written market analysis is one of the best ways to attract investors, banks, and other important people to your business.

Marketing & Operations Strategy

If you have a specific market strategy, this is where you explain it to your business plan assistant. this includes any existing opportunities you might have, any skilled marketing employees you might have, any partners specialized in marketing, and any networks you have that might help in your marketing strategy.

The business plan assistant will not give you points for having these things, but you need to be aware of them, as they will help you in your business plan. You need to explain why you want to use this marketing strategy.

A Skilled business plan assistant should highlightOpens in a new tab. to you the best marketing and operational strategies, don’t worry about suggesting your own ideas, a skilled business plan writer will notify you if you’re marketing and operational strategy are not viable.

So, you’re likely to want to hire a skilled business plan writer to write your plan. Whether you’re writing a business plan to secure funding or to consider your organization to a new level, you will require a business plan that’s convincing and well-written. A business plan is also a means to collect your thoughts. If you’re in possession of a great business plan, then you’re going to have a greater probability of explaining your business plan to investors and implementing it.

Human Resources Strategy

When working with a business plan assistant, he or she will guide you on the employees you need in your start-up, this will be highly based on your capital, and they should guide you on how to scale your human resource if you happen to already have partners, friends, and families, or even a spouse willing to help you during your start-up stages this is a great place to let your business plan assistant know about them.

Having written several business plans, I have found information on the internet regarding compensation of employees contradicting, for these reasons it’s a good idea to let your business plan assistant how much employees in your industry earn based on each category. If you are working with a business plan assistant from your local area, this will not be a problem, but if you are hiring a business plan assistant from overseas, please help them with this key information.

Financial Projections

Startups need funding to create new products or improve existing ones. They need funding to hire employees, hire a marketing team and build a website.

This is the work of your business plan assistant; however, your assistant will be needed, the business plan writer will need to know how much you are willing to spend on your business investments, what equipment’s you understand you need and their costs, all the details regarding things you need beforehand to start running your business such as machinery, furniture, office space, etc.

It’s highly recommended you inform your business plan writer your business plan assistant can help you with this research, but being an expert in the industry you are more suited to explain this information to your business plan assistant.

business plan assistant

For example, some equipment such as manufacturing equipment vary, you might understand a certain manufacturing brand offers premium manufacturing compared to another brand. You might not need to understand financial statements such as profit and loss statements, balance sheet statements, or even cash flow statements, a business plan assistant will help you with these statements. It’s highly recommended after services are offered you have a one-to-one meeting where he or she will explain the financial statements so that you understand your business financials.

Exit or Succession Plan

There are reasons you want to start your business, and some of them might include your exit and succession plans for your business. Its highly recommended you let your business plan assistant know beforehand your exit and succession plans. Having a business plan isn’t a guarantee of success, but it does increase your chances, and planning for your exit or succession plans before your business starts is a good idea. if no exits or succession plans exist – it’s okay, you can leave this out of topic.

This is also a good place to discuss your growth plans with your business plan assistant, every business idea starts small, but all start with big ambitions of success and business growth. Make sure you have provided a growth budget, this is an important part of your business plan, as it will show you where your business is heading and how your business will develop over time.

Business Planning Costs.

Business plan assistance is classified as business consultancy, and since this is a service-based consultation price varies depending on the business plan writer and the client, a professional business plan costs anything between $4,000 and $50,000.

Even so, there are occasions when you can get a customized business plan for as little as $1,500. Personally, when starting my career and even now I have helped entrepreneurs write their business plans with as little as $500, that’s why I have said business plans service costs vary depending on your budget and the scope of work. 

I would not suggest investing too much money for a business plan if your business capital is low, remember most of your startup costs should be on business inventories and running its day-to-day operations. A business plan is very important during the early stages of starting a business, but should not be a reason you lack enough capital during your start-up stages.


Make sure you’re presenting relevant, up-to-date information. Consider who will read your business strategy. Are you looking for outside funding or simply want to discuss your vision with your business partner?? Your strategy should be tailored to your audience.

You will have an opportunity to review your business plan after your business plan assistant has finished working on your business plan. The business plan writer after your discussion with you will change your business plan writing process as you work on your business plan. It takes a week to a month for a professional business plan assistant to work on your business plan, this will give him or her, including you to review the business plan.


Consider how you will fulfill industry requirements. Service-based firms may require service standards or reservation systems, whereas manufacturing enterprises may require a comprehensive floor design or safety regulations. The more complex the standards, the more time and resources will be required to meet them. Consider how you will fulfill industry standards.

Many client industries have specific standards, such as a government agency or a professional association, which set guidelines on how to create, store, and manage information. If your organization is subject to such requirements, you need to plan for how to meet them. A well-thought-out standards policy can help you to properly manage information by promoting compliance and security, protecting against hazards, and offering a framework for information management.

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James is a one-on-one business consultant who helps CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs build their personal and professional branding.

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