Email Conversion Funnel – 4 Proven Tactics (Samples Inc)

Email conversion funnels are sequences of emails sent to your email marketing list to complete an action that moves them further through your overall email marketing funnel to the bottom of the email marketing funnel.

Email conversion funnel messages are also used to keep your email subscriber list from dropping out of the funnel by sending nurturing messages that build trust and a long-term relationship between your subscriber list and your business.

The primary steps to email marketing conversion funnel involve five steps:

  • The first one is to make your prospect of the action you want them to take.
  • The second one is to build an interest in the call to action by providing its benefits to the prospects.
  • The third one is to give proof of the solutions your call to action is offering.
  • The fourth one is to provide additional information related to the call to action,
  • The fifth one is to follow up on the action and the recipient.
email conversion funnel overall infographics and optimization
email conversion funnel overall infographics

During your email marketing planning process, it’s important to research and consider the following key factors that might affect your email conversion funnel:

Email sequence timing.

Using your email automation tool, you can time your email sequences to automatically send email autoresponders at specific times based on your email marketing list behaviors, and locations. The main purpose of an email marketing funnel is to persuade, remind and engage users, timing your email plays a role in your email marketing process. Using email autoresponders you can automate your email timing and messages to effectively automate your email marketing campaign.

Because most people open their emails within 24 hours range you can configure your emails to be sent at least after every two days, its also important to at least configure your email message timing and change it after every three emails so that people will not notice your automation strategy and think you are a spammer, the timing should look authentic, an example of a timed email is shown in the table below:

Message NumberDay Sent
Mail #11st January
Mail #23rd January
Mail #35th January
Mail #410th January
Mail #515th January

Offer to your target audience.

An offer to your target audience is based on the lead magnet you will offer your audience in exchange for taking action on your call to action. To persuade your emailing list to complete a call to action, your lead magnet should be relevant to them, it should also be interesting.

Since your offer attractiveness is based on your understanding of your email list wants and needs, you should spend the better time of your email marketing plan researching your email list problems and pain points and offer the solutions in your email marketing funnels as your offer.

Your email marketing message subject.

The email marketing message subject line is an important part of your email marketing funnel as they increase email open ratesOpens in a new tab., this is the first thing your email message recipients will see before opening your emails. There are several guidelines to writing an effective subject line.

The first thing you should note is that the subject line should give an idea of what the email is about, it should also be short to fit in most devices’ inboxes such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. You can use a/b testing to test what subject lines are working and which ones are not, an example of an a/b text is shown in the table below:

Emails SubjectsRecipients (Total 100%)Conversion
Email With subject #110%75%
Email with Subject #210%20%
Email With Subject #180%70%

Your email design and body.

Your email design and body should be optimized for desktops, tablets, and smartphones, they should also be professionally made to build trust and reliability of the content within, people first judge an email based on the design before reading through the message contained.

When writing your email marketing message, it’s important to be succinct, explaining the benefits of performing a specific call to action, to build authenticity it’s important to include the sender’s name and signature, you should also use a reply to email address to improve trust factors.

To improve on the message content it’s important to use email marketing segmentation strategies, and send relevant messages to specific people after researching the recipient’s behaviors, this will increase your email list conversion.

Email follow-ups.

It’s important to make sure you analyze your email marketing performance and continue improving your email messages to increase your nurturing and audience engagement. Paying attention to your email marketing performance allows you to manage your email list, and adhere to email marketing laws by only sending relevant information to interesting parties, you can be able to know who is in your email list by mistake if they continue ignoring your emails.

When people are through your email marketing funnel and have already purchased or performed a specific call to action you should continue re-nurturing them, is to continue building a relationship that will be returned in the middle of the funnel for nurturing to a certain call to action as a repeat customer.

Email conversion funnel for acquisition.

One of the email conversion funnels is the email conversion funnel for acquisition, as seen in the infographic below the most effective process in email conversion funnel for acquisition is starting with a lead magnet opt-in where the recipient is interested in your lead magnets.

Email conversion funnel for acquisition infographic
Email conversion funnel for acquisition.

You must comply with email marketing laws to get contacts from prospects, for these reasons integrating an acquisition funnel in your email marketing campaign is critical for the overall health of your email marketing campaigns and business, failure to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act can result in fines and effects on your email message deliverability.

It’s important to note that if the recipient is not able to receive your lead to action, you can an additional three nurturing emails until the recipient is attracted to your lead magnets and requests them.

At the end of the email conversion funnel for acquiring, there is an additional welcome sequence of emails, that will nurture the recipient until a relationship is built and there is trust in your products and services is instilled.

Examples of email conversion funnels for acquisition.

  • You can use a risk-free lead magnet to get recipients contacts such as free trials, demos, checklists, templates, etc.
  • You can hold a free giveaway or a contest that is related to your overall marketing funnel objectives.
  • You can offer upgrades to tiered products or services.

Email conversion funnel for nurturing.

The email conversion funnel for nurturing starts with the prospects downloading a link magnet from you based on their interests and following through with a sequence of informative emails nurturing the prospects towards a call to action.

Email conversion funnel for nurturing infographics
Email conversion funnel for nurturing

The first three emails sent to the prospects involve your products and services and how they are beneficial to your prospect, you also need to send the fourth call to action, as they might be interested right away. Using email marketing list segmentation you can remove the prospects who have taken action and leave with the ones that need a little nudge to take action.

The next sequence of emails involves sending proof that your products or services will meet the needs and wants of your prospects, and you can give a sneak peek or a demo for them to try, you can end this stage with a fourth message requesting them to take action on your call to action, same as stage one you can add the prospects who take action and leave the ones who are not yet to take action on the next stages.

The next sequence of emails involves providing important instructions and offering help if the prospects have not figured out how your products or services work, you can include how-to videos and instructions, at this stage you can go further and offer demonstrations on your products and services, to end the nurturing stage, you can send the last email requesting a call to action to end you nurturing marketing funnel.

Examples of email conversion funnels for nurturing.

  • In the nurturing funnel, you can give a deep dive led magnet such as an eBook, courses, guides, how-to videos, and demonstrations
  • You can also invite your prospects for webinars or meetings.
  • You can invite your prospects to products launches and shows/ events.

Email conversion funnel for selling.

The purpose of email conversion for selling is to send a sequence of email marketing messages to your email list to persuade them to make a purchase. Most sales conversion funnels last a week or two, it involves sending a sequence of email marketing contents that nurtures the prospects informing them of your products and services, and sending an offer after content delivery.

Email conversion funnel for selling infographic
Email conversion funnel for selling.

If the prospects are not satisfied, you send additional deep dives such as demonstrations and calls before sending your last email that contains a call to action.

If the prospect doesn’t buy at the end of your sales conversion funnel, you must keep in touch with the prospect through a sequence of relation-building messages, you can use autoresponders to keep the relationship ongoing until your next funnel.

It’s important to provide as much incentive content in the sales funnel, the sales are divided into two parts because you don’t want to offer discounts very early in the sales funnel, but rather provide such incentives to individuals who have not purchased in the first stage as a motivating factor.

Examples of email conversion funnels for selling.

  • You can offer demonstrations for your products or services.
  • You can offer products and services coaching or consulting.
  • You can have a post-purchase upsell funnel.

Email conversion funnel for re-nurturing.

The infographic below shows an example of a re-nurturing email conversion funnel.

Email conversion funnel for re-nurturing infographic
Email conversion funnel for re-nurturing.

Email conversion funnel for re-nurturing is meant for people who have purchased your products or those who did not purchase your products in the email marketing campaigns/ funnels. You have a list of prospects you need to build a relationship with some might purchase for the first time or some for the first time. They just need you to build a relationship with them and re-engage with them, by nurturing them with more useful related content.

Email conversion funnels for re-nurturing to existing customers are effective if you can segment your subscriber list based on what products they have already purchased from you. It’s important to start the re-nurturing stage immediately after they have bought products from you since they already feel good about your brand and products.

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