Email Marketing Funnel Strategy.

When choosing your email marketing automation tool, you will need to consider your email marketing funnel strategy. This is because email marketing involves sending messages in automated sequences. These are email marketing processes that are automated to reduce your intervention apart from monitoring their performances.

When working on your email marketing plan you will need to layout the following email marketing strategies:

  • Email marketing acquisition funnels
  • Email marketing nurturing funnels.
  • Email marketing conversion funnels.

These email marketing funnels are processes in your digital marketing strategy that guide email marketers on the processes of converting a prospect to a customer. Each marketing funnel is triggered by a specific action as outlined in each of the funnels explained below.

When sending promotional emails and advertisements, you should make sure you comply with the law, each state has its own rules regarding email marketing, if you are in the united states, the rule you should know and understand is the CAN-SPAM Act. Email marketing laws are meant to protect the consumer and can affect your future marketing strategies if you don’t comply, including lawsuits and fines.

1. Email Marketing Acquisition Funnels.

Email Marketing Funnel Strategy.

Email marketing acquisition funnels are marketing strategies used by marketers to build a subscriber list they can use for marketing purposes. This is strategically done by targeting specific customers who are potential customers for their products and services.

Acquisitional email funnel starts with low-risk email marketing lead magnets, your lead magnets should be relevant, and useful to your target audiences. The goal of the acquisition email marketing funnel is to build an email marketing list large enough and move them across your email marketing funnels as explained in the table below:

Prospect PositionBusiness GoalsEmail marketing funnel
Top of the funnelBuild an email marketing list to market our products in the future.Acquisition email marketing strategy
Middle of the funnelStrategically keep our prospects warmed up by sending informational content and lead magnets.Nurturing email marketing strategy
Bottom of the funnelConvert our email list to customers.Conversion email marketing strategy.

Email marketing lead magnets funnel.

Your email marketing lead magnets should be free content such as how-to videos, educational articles, etc. that you provide your prospects in exchange for their emails. If a prospect exchanges his or her email address with your lead magnets you assume the client is a potential customer for your products or services, and have a high chance of moving them down your email marketing funnel until they purchase your products or perform a specific action.

Live webinars and meetings marketing funnel.

Live webinars and meetings are a great source of targeted prospects, when prospects signup for your live webinar r meetings, they invest their time for your event, there is a higher chance the attendants are interested in your topics that are related to your products and services.

When they leave their contacts and information during your event, you can use the list for marketing purposes, and move the attendees through your email marketing funnels.

2. Email Marketing Nurturing Funnels.

Email Marketing Funnel Strategy.

The ultimate goal of the email marketing nurturing funnel is to keep your email marketing list, engaged long enough to move them to the conversion funnel. This process can take from a few days to a couple of months depending on your business.

The second goal of nurturing an email marketing funnel is to warm up your prospects, by sending them useful information such as how-to videos, checklists, educational articles so that they will not fall out of your marketing funnel. This is the stage you should build a relationship with your target customers; you can use automation and email marketing list segments for effective lead nurturing.

First email marketing funnel.

The first email funnel should be grouped into three phases, the first email should be welcoming the subscriber to your business, the second email should be nurturing focuses and should include educational and helpful content related to your products and services, or the target market in general, the third welcome email should introduce the subscriber to your business, products or services.

Free products trials marketing funnel.

Free products trials are a lead magnet that will allow prospects to familiarize themselves with your products and services, the purpose of the free trials in email marketing strategically place the prospects in your funnel.

For example, let’s say the email trial lasts 7 days, you should use the first few days nurturing your prospect by sending them useful content such as how-to videos, educational articles, and on the final day, the free trial is expiring you should send a final message that requests them to act such as paying for the full package.

You can also send special offers and discounts during the final stage of the email marketing funnel after the trial has expired. During the final day, you can also include tutorial videos on how to purchase your products or services.

Anniversary marketing funnels.

There are three stages for a complete anniversary funnel completion, the first stage should be to thank the prospect for joining your subscriber list, or performing a specific function such as product or service purchase.

The second stage should be to nurture the prospects by sending educational lead magnets and continue building your relationship with them, the final stage is the conversion funnel that sends a call to action to the prospects, the call-to-action email marketing message should be based on the previous purchase.

Response surveys’ marketing funnel.

Your email marketing plan should have response survey leads magnets, surveys will help you understand your prospects better so that you can know the behaviors and interests of your prospects.

The surveys should be short and tailored towards understanding your prospects, the first email when starting your response surveys should be an engaging email with a description of the survey and its importance of it to your business. The second email marketing message should contain the survey. The survey can be easily made using a free tool such as Google forms. Other paid tools offer more complex and advanced forms based on your email marketing budget.

Top of the mind marketing funnel.

Top of the mind email marketing funnel involves sending emails after a specific action is done such as page visit, the top of the mid marketing funnel involves sending informational content to your website or online platform visitors and include lead magnets such as how o videos, informational articles, and tips related to your product or services.

The series of email messages is finalized by the last message that requests a call to action or a promotional message that promotes the product or services related to the lead magnets you have been sending the prospects.

Unsubscribe marketing funnel.

The unsubscribe funnel should strategically be optimized towards retaining the subscriber, after the prospect clicks the unsubscribe option on your email list, you should follow up with a confirmation message whether they are sure they want to unsubscribe to your list, your message should contain valuable information on why they should not unsubscribe and the promise of a valuable message.

If your email marketing tools allow you to offer the opt-in to unsubscribe from a specific category of pages, you should use it at this stage to try and retain your prospect and better understand their interests from your mailing messages.

Webinars and meeting marketing funnels.

Webinars and meetings are a good lead generation event, an email marketer can use meetings and webinars to inform the attendants of the events on the products and services their business offers. They can use educative content throughout the event and later during the conclusion of the event offer special discounts to the attendants.

Webinars and meetings funnels can move your attendants from the top of the funnel to the conversion stages of the funnel. They are very effective since attendants of the webinars and meetings have already shown interest in the topic of the events your business is holding.

Subscription rearrangement marketing funnel.

Subscription reengagement involves managing your contact list and placing all people who are not reading your messages into one category and using a subscription re-engagement marketing strategy alone.

Users who don’t open your email can hurt the deliverability of emails, so you have to strategically send very few emails to this list of people. After placing them in a category of their own, you should alert them on the information they are missing, that you have been sharing, and ask them if they would like to stay subscribed to your email list.

3. Email Marketing Conversion Funnel.

Email Marketing Funnel Strategy.

Email marketing conversion funnels involve motivating your subscribers to perform a specific action, such as purchasing your products or services. After nurturing your email list with educational information, they are ready to purchase your products or services at the final stage.

At this stage, you should have audited your prospects and placed them in the conversion list based on their interests and behaviors, email marketing performance analytics will help you place your prospects in the conversion funnel.

The conversion message should be straight to the point, extremely specific, and relevant to your products and services. A list of email conversion strategies is explained below:

Cart abandonment conversion funnel.

Some emailing tools allow you to check out the checkout processOpens in a new tab. of the client, when a subscriber of your list abandons their cart, they should be added to a cart abandonment conversion funnel where you send messages motivating them to continue with the checkout process, this should be done a few minutes or hours after the cart is abandoned.

The first message should remind the prospects into completing the checkout process, if that message doesn’t work you should send a special offer on the second message, and lastly followed by a third message capitalizing on the fear of missing out.

Product upgrade conversion funnel.

After a trial has ended, the prospect should be moved to a product upgrade conversion funnel, at this stage, you should send a conversion message requesting the prospects to make a full product purchase.

If the prospect is reluctant to make a purchase, you should send a series of emails reminding them of the benefits of your products or services, email marketing led magnets to use at this stage includes informative how-to articles, videos, and content. You can also offer free training on product use and setup support.

Product or services demonstrations conversion funnel.

Products demos are used in the middle of the funnel for more complex products such as software and mechanical equipment, normally a prospect will visit your website or shop for a demonstration of how the products works, this is a good opportunity for you to ask for their contacts.

You can send lead magnets such as how-to videos and articles towards motivating the prospect to buy the products from you. Free demos are mainly used in the middle of the email marketing funnel and the main purpose is to nurture the prospects towards purchasing your products or services.

Cross-sells and Addons conversion funnel.

After a customer purchases products from you, you can send an autoresponder email with additional products that belong in the same category, for example, a customer can purchase baby shows from your shop or website, you can send complimentary messages thanking the customer for the purchase, and also send a promotional email, for example, promoting baby socks or baby clothes.

The email message should provide the benefits of the products and how they are a good complementary of the products they have already bought, you can also include customer reviews and discounts on the promotional email.

Special service/products offer promotions conversion funnel.

Special services or products offer conversion funnel involves sending promotional emails to your prospects. The email message at this stage should include a special offer of your products and services, you should create a sense of urgency and interest.

You can include information such as when the promotion or offer is ending and on what products, the emails can be automated such that they are only sent after the prospect has visited a specific product page or when they have already purchased a product from you.

The main goal of the special service/products offer promotion conversion funnel is to give an extra nudge to your prospects towards purchasing your products or services.

Referral programs conversion funnel.

Referral programs work very well when a customer has already purchased a product from you, you can create a referral program conversion funnel and use your customers to refer your business to their friends and families.

The referral program should include special offers and discounts, it’s also a wise decision to include informational content detailing how your products or services work and the benefits of your products or services.

The referral program can work well if the customer shares the offer page to social media or their social media group, suggested buying converts well and it’s a wise decision to include it in your email marketing sales funnel.

Loyalty programs conversion funnel.

Email Marketing Funnel Strategy.

Loyalty programs are specifically made for customers who have already bought products from you, you can create a loyalty product conversion funnel that motivates customers to stay on your marketing funnel for as long as possible for future marketing purposes.

Loyalty programs can be triggered after a customer performs a specific action such as purchasing a second product from you or making the second monthly payment. The first message of your loyalty program should explain how your loyalty program works and make the program more interesting for the customers.

Operational obstacles removal conversion funnel.

Removing obstacles in your email marketing funnel includes going a step further and introducing other communication channels such as phone calls or video calls, you can go a step further and visit the prospects in case it’s a home installation.

Follow-up emails can also be used after the visit or the video call as this can motivate the customer to purchase the products or services. Obstacle’s removal funnel is done when the prospect has passed your nurturing funnel and is ready to purchase your business

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