The Complete “Lead Magnet Email Sequence” Guide.

Lead magnets email sequence involves the use of lead magnets in your email marketing funnels to acquire, nurture and convert prospects into your customers. A lead magnet is something valuable to your prospect that you give them in exchange for their email contacts and other information relevant to your email marketing objectives.

In the digital marketing environment, lead magnets are in form of digital products such as eBooks, videos, audios, templates demonstrations, and trials used by marketers in digital marketing strategies. In each of your lead magnet email sequences, you will have to start with a lead magnet. The success of your lead magnet will depend on how your lead magnet aligns with your products and services and how relevant your lead magnets are to your target audience.

Lead magnet email sequence marketing process:

The first step towards creating a lead magnet email marketing campaign is to create a lead magnet that is valuable to your target audience, for this to work you have to research your audience’s problems, needs, and wants, and finally give them a solution through your lead magnet.

Provide an opt-in form that will allow the audience to exchange their contact information in exchange for your lead magnet and also comply with email marketing laws if the prospect gives you their contacts and information. You should have an email autoresponder that delivers the lead magnet automatically after the recipient receives your lead magnet.

You monitor your email marketing plan performance and follow up with ongoing email marketing messages that nurture and re-engage customers who have already been through your email marketing conversion funnel.

Tip: An email marketing tool can help you design your email marketing through the use of professionally designed templates, templates for opt-in forms, and also monitor and analyze your email marketing list, it can also help in segmenting your email list based on customer behaviors and characteristics. You will need an email marketing tool for automation and your overall email marketing campaigns.

Examples of lead magnets & their conversions

What should be in a lead magnet?

For success in your email marketing campaigns you will need a good lead magnet, for a high converting lead magnet you will need to consider the following factors that should be included in your email marketing lead magnet:

Your lead magnet should offer solutions to specific problems.

Before creating your lead magnet for your email marketing campaigns, you should first research the pain points of your target audience, your lead magnet should be laser-focused on solving their problems. You should also note that your lead magnet should be able to solve their needs by being used by your recipients.

Your lead magnet should have meaningful content.

For a quality lead magnet that converts, you will need to match your target audience’s needs with your lead magnet and also your business. For example, if you own a business consulting business you should have a business consulting checklist, a business consulting checklist that matches your business services, and also will attract the leads you would want to market your business consulting services. The purpose of having a meaningful lead magnet is to fill your funnel with an email marketing list that should fill in your email marketing funnel.

Your lead magnet should have educative content.

For an educative email message, you should provide practical information for your email recipient in your lead magnets, such as a step-by-step guide on using a product, or step by step process on effective use of your service. If you have a long sales cycle such as an architecture business, you will need to create specific educative content on your lead magnet that explains your business processes such as house approval checklist, house design process checklist, etc.

Educative content brands the business as a trustworthy brand that knows their business, they also build trust between your business and the lead magnet receiver. Your educative content should also promote your service and you can refer to your processes.

Your lead magnet should be entertaining.

Entertainment lead magnets are specific to certain industries such as on-demand products and services, travel, and fashion among others. Their main intention is to entertain the recipient and build a relationship with the prospects.

Your lead magnet should be goal-oriented.

Your lead magnet should have similar objectivesOpens in a new tab. as your email marketing sales funnel; sales. The purpose of a lead magnet is to solve your recipient’s problems while promoting your products and services.

Lead magnets conversion based on medium infographics
Lead magnets conversion based on medium infographics

How do you send a lead magnet?

After designing your lead magnet its time to send a lead magnet, but first, you need people to find your lead and request it because you will be breaking the law by sending lead magnets to people who haven’t permitted you, you will also have a poor quality email list, for this reason, you need people to find your lead magnet.

For people to find your lead, you have to create an online page that has some information relevant to your products, this information should be easily be found when people search for it, when people visit that page, you can have an inline pop up that gives your lead magnet in exchange for their email address.

This process is important as it allows you to group your email list based on the prospect’s interests and behaviors, improving your email marketing conversion rate. The page where your lead magnet is placed is called a trigger page.

After the trigger page is designed you will need to create a sequence of emails that will deliver the lead magnet automatically since you can’t be able to monitor all the traffic and handle all the requests manually, you can use your email marketing tool to set up your lead magnet automated email sequences.

After the request, your first email should be scheduled to send the lead magnet automatically, it can be in form of a link to download, or login details for your products or service trials, depending on your lead magnet, the first email might be something different but related to how the lead magnet request can be fulfilled. The first email should also welcome the prospect to your business.

The second email depends on the actions of the recipient of the lead magnet, if they took action and downloaded your lead magnet, the second email should be sent providing any help the user might need when using your lead magnet. If they didn’t download your lead magnet the second email should remind them of the benefit of checking out your lead magnet. For this purpose, you will need trackable URLs to track the actions of your lead magnet email.

After two to three days, you should send the third message with useful information related to the lead magnet, for a more effective funnel, this information should be brief with an option to expand on the topic in your online platforms if the recipient wants to expand on the topics. You can continue sending useful information that is useful to your new email subscriber. After a week, you can send the final message reminding your new subscriber you are available if they need support or help relating to the use of the lead magnet.

5 Types of Lead Magnet Email Sequence.

After designing your landing pages, lead magnets, opt-in forms, and promoting your lead magnets you will need to create your lead magnet email sequences that will acquire, educate and convert your email list into customers of your products or services. You can do this by creating a lead magnet email sequence using your email marketing tool to automate the email sequences.

What is a Lead Nurturing Email Sequence?

A lead nurturing email sequence is for nurturing your email list and warming them up, your nurturing email sequence should include educative and informational content relevant to the lead magnet your prospect requested. The content of your nurturing emails should be valuable to the prospects. The nurturing stage is the time you introduce yourself and your business to the prospects.

An example of a lead nurturing email sequence is shown in the infographic below:

Lead Nurturing Email Sequence infographic
Lead Nurturing Email Sequence

What is a Lead Conversion Email Sequence?

A load conversion funnel is meant to convert your email list subscriber into a highly converting lead, the main purpose is to push the prospects down further your email marketing funnel, even after a prospect has purchased your products or services, a lead conversion funnel is also effective for products upgrades and add-on purchases.

For an effective lead conversion funnel, you can make use of smart triggers, for example, if a prospect has not opened your first emails, they should be dropped from the lead conversion email sequence, because they are probably not interested in your email messages or products, you can use smart triggers to send your call to action to engaged prospects.

An example of a load conversion email sequence is shown in the infographic below:

Lead Conversion Email Sequence infographics
Lead Conversion Email Sequence infographics

What is a Lead Onboarding Email Sequence?

An onboarding email sequence is an email sequence that is sent to a prospect after downloading your lead magnet, it is meant to educate the lead prospect on the effective use of the lead magnet. You need to show them new prospects on the values of your lead magnets and products or services.

The onboarding emails should vouch for your business and why your business is the right choice of your prospects compared to your competitors, you should leverage your brand strengths highlighting the weaknesses of your competitors. The end of the onboarding email sequence involves sending your prospects to the sales team to complete the onboarding process.

An example of an onboarding email sequence is shown in the infographic below:

What is a Lead Re-Engagement Email Sequence?

Lead re-engagement email sequence involves a sequence of emails sent to re-engage your quiet customers, when done right you can send multiple emails to re-engage your quiet customers instead of sending just one email.

The main goal of re-engagement email sequence is to give more reasons for your subscribers to stick to your email marketing funnel, a re-engagement email sequence allows you to provide value for your customers in a series of progress instead of giving it all at once to your quiet customers in a single email, an email re-engagement series allows you to cover all basses without shoving it all in a single email which shows desperation.

An example of a lead re-engagement email sequence is shown in the infographic below:

What is a Lead Re-Engagement Email Sequence infographics
Lead Re-Engagement Email Sequence

What is a Lead Follow-Up Email Sequence?

A lead magnet follow-up email sequence is a sequence of emails that act as reminders or prompts of the lead magnet you have sent, it should contain information regarding the use of your lead magnet in form of how-to videos, manuals, educative articles, etc. It also involves reminding prospects who have downloaded your lead magnet on the importance and features of the lad magnet and why they should use it.

An example of a follow-up email sequence is shown in the table below:

Lead Follow-up SequenceDay #Wait Time
1st EmailDay #024-48 Hours
2nd EmailDay #12 days
3rd EmailDay #34 Days
4th EmailDay #77 Days
5th EmailDay #1414 Days
6th EmailDay #281 Month
7th EmailDay #581 Month
8th EmailDay #881 Month
Lead Follow-Up Email Sequence

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