Marketing Email Format – 6 Proven Tips

Writing a conversion or an informational email in an effective marketing email format requires you to understand your business target audience interests and behaviors, you also need to have objectives for your email marketing plan, comply with email marketing laws, and monitor your email marketing performance for improvement purposes.

It’s also important to improve on your email marketing list by removing emails with hard or soft bounces as this can lower your email deliverability. Your recipient’s email service providers might send your emails straight to spam if you have a low-quality email marketing subscriber list or poor deliverability due to noncompliance with anti-spam laws.

Spam flags to look out for include using capital letters as this seems like shouting and avoiding the use of spam trigger words, excess punctuations amongst others, as this can cause a flag on your email address affecting your email deliverability.

This guide will help you improve on email marketing conversion messages and email marketing nurturing messages. It’s also a good guide on writing a general lead magnet marketing email that builds a strong relationship between your business and your subscriber list.

It’s important to integrate your email marketing tools with web analytics platforms such as google analytics to help you test out your email element’s performance, all your email message elements can be tested to determine the elements with high conversion rates, you can use email marketing a/b testing to improve your email elements such as the headlines, subject lines, the body of your emails, the sender and the footer of your email, it’s important to read through my article on email marketing performance analysis for more on email elements improvements and tracking.

Marketing Email Format

How do you write a marketing email?

Most marketing emails contain the same elements to adhere to the antispam always and proven email marketing strategies, they contain the subject line, inbox preview texts, email headlines, email body, your marketing call to action, and your email footer.

Some elements are best suited when they are in image or video formats and some in text formats, once you understand the purpose of these elements you will be able to write high converting email copies for your email marketing campaigns.

Marketing email format.

Improvements of the elements highlighted below will improve your email deliverability, and assure you of emails that get opened by the recipients saving you time and money spent on your email marketing campaigns.

Marketing email Subject Line.

Your marketing email subject should be clear and concise, it need also capture the interests of your email recipient to convince them to open your email. Your recipients are more likely to open an email that benefits them for this purpose you should highlight the benefits in the subject line of your email message subject line.

Your subject line should be written in the second person, and include action-oriented words that pick the curiosity of your email recipients convincing them to open your email message. Your marketing email subject line should also instill confidence in your email message by using phrases and words that instill confidence, and interest.

Marketing email Inbox preview text.

Your marketing email inbox preview characters are limited to 35-140 characters, this is the first few words the recipients see before opening your email message, this snippet is pulled from the first paragraphs of the email message body.

Most people use the email inbox preview to skim through their inbox, they can get a glimpse of what the email is about before opening their emails. The email inbox preview can increase or decrease the open rate of your business.

Most email marketers use the inbox preview to capture the recipient’s interests by using words and phrases that benefit the email recipient and focusing on the solutions that address their problems.

Some email marketing tools allow you to edit your email marketing inbox preview text and some don’t, so it’s important to make sure the email marketing tool you have selected allows you to preview and edit your email inbox preview text. It’s also important to make sure to understand how recipients open your emails whether on mobile or their desktops and how the inbox preview text appears on different devices.

Marketing email Headline.

Marketing email headlines are used in promotional emails, these emails contain lots of visual elements such as videos & images, they also contain lots of text in them, the purpose of email headlines is to guide the reader through your email body. Some recipients skim through the email headlines if the email is long, same as the subject line your email headline should be compelling and interesting to the reader to ensure they read through your text and visual elements.

Marketing email Body copy.

Marketing Email Format body

In your email marketing conversion funnel, the body of your email should contain the call to action or the offer and should deliver the promise of the headline and subject line by providing more information that relates to the support of the headline and the subject.

The first few paragraphs of your body should have all the relevant information to assure the reader they are on the right spot and the email will deliver on their interests and needs. It’s important to write relevant information relating to your target audience and only write the body using the right words and style.

The body should address a person individually and not a group like a conversation, high conversion rates are personal and not corporate-like, the reader should feel like you are addressing them personally, this will help build trust and credibility with your audience, it’s also advisable to name a person once or twice within the body of the email.

Marketing email Call to Action.

Your email marketing call to actionOpens in a new tab. is the overall goal of your email marketing plan, your investment in an email marketing plan depends on the engagement of your user’s call to action, if you don’t get your recipients to engage with your call to action you will be losing time and money.

Your call to action should create a sense of urgency, in a clear and concise wording structure. For example, you can include a sense of urgency like an expiring offer, or a time limit offer. Your call to action should also make your email receiver feel like there is no risk involved by focusing on the benefits your recipients will get once they follow through with your call to action.

Marketing Email Format

Marketing email Footer.

Your email marketing tool will provide you with a footer for your email, this is generated based on the information you provided when setting up your account. Usually, the footer will contain information relating to your business such as business name, contacts, and location. It’s important to include a link to your online platform and social media pages on the footer of your email message.

To comply with email marketing laws, it’s important to include an unsubscribe button on the footer of your email.

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